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Hard to come by – the construction of minivair

Fur was extremely popular in the middle ages. It was used for decorative purposes, to show off your wealth (because the more expensive kinds were prohibitively expensive!) and to keep you warm. That being said, not all furs were expensive. … Läs mer

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A Bloody Mess – some thoughts about menstruation in Medieval times

Being a woman in the middle ages, just like being a woman today, had some implications on the way your body behaves. More specifically it means that once a month you will have your period. Lately I have found that … Läs mer

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BONUSTRACK: Hur man känner igen en lajvare på en medeltidsmarknad (och hur man fångar dem).

Den unge lajvaren är ofta skygg. Trots detta dyker han eller hon regelbundet upp på medeltidsmarknader. De är synnerligen lätta att känna igen baserat på sin klädsel. Nedan följer en kort guide för att veta om det är en lajvare du … Läs mer

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”According to all sources…” – A blog about the problematic expression Historically Correct

Whenever you get into a discussion about historical clothing or gear you immediately (well, almost at least) bump into the expression historically correct. This is one of the most misunderstood terms in the whole hobby. People think that historically correct … Läs mer

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Väl rutet – en kort blogg om rutigt på vikingatid och medeltid, del 1 / Check it out – a short blog about checkered fabrics in viking and medieval times, part 1

One of the most common questions people ask about viking age, and medieval textiles, is: what about checkered textiles? I will try to answer this question as best I can (at the moment. Remember, these are what I have come … Läs mer

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The Skjoldehamn outfit – viking or medieval?

This will be my first serious blog post in ages. It’s going to be about something that I’ve thought about for a long time. There has been much debate over the Skjoldehamn find and its ethnicity, is it ”viking” or … Läs mer

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